Life Coaching

We do life coaching as well as counseling. These two go hand in hand to help our patients become there very best.

We will now give you two quick examples. Example number one: A very depressed woman came in to us who was an older woman and it was very hot out. We asked her what is the most important reason for your depression? She said right now it’s my broken central A/C unit that they want $7,500 to fix. We asked her what size unit she had in her home and she said 2.5 ton. We told her there’s no way that her unit is $7500 that commercial units, a 5 ton unit cost around that price.

Well we know that A/C costs generally $1,000 a ton so $2,500 should replace the unit. We then gave her the name of an honest air conditioning company who took care of it for under $2500 installed, finished up and running.

Example number two: A lady came in who told us, she was separated from her husband had six kids at home did not have a job could not afford to hire an attorney to divorce her husband and he was very abusive and she was stuck and of course very depressed we told her we could give her the name of an attorney who would take her case charge the husband for the attorneys fees and it wouldn’t cost her anything out of her pocket. This of course changed her entire demeanor, and I might say it made her day. 

Of course we do much more than this but the point is getting to the root cause helping them get through whatever stumbling block they’re having that’s bringing on the massive depression and then fixing the rest if there is any left to fix. Being nonprofit we are allowed to do life coaching in combination with counseling which give us greater flexibility to be able to truly help our patients in weeks not years like the rest.

We are problem solvers first and foremost and we do NOT put money over the health and well-being of our patients ever as is evidenced by our often 2 to 3 hour session time not 45 minutes as is standard in this field.

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