Anger Management

Anger Management Specialist

Dr. Brady with Village Mind Body Institute in Lady Lake, Florida, has a personal connection with those suffering from anger issues. Over the years, he has studied not only the cause of anger problems, but effective treatment options designed to eliminate the anger. Anger management therapy is a life-changer for those dealing with out of control rage and frustration. Call the office today to learn more about how you can manage your anger.

Anger Management Q & A

by Dr. Brady, Psy.D

What does it mean to have anger issues?

Everybody gets mad once in a while. It’s a very normal and healthy emotion when controlled. The key word there is “controlled.” People with anger issues let that emotion take over their lives, usually in the most destructive way possible. Their anger becomes an unpredictable rage, boiling under surface and waiting for a chance to make an appearance.

Healthy anger rarely manifests into fury. When it does, there are physiological complications that come with it. Your body releases hormones like adrenaline and noradrenaline that force you to lash out. Anger drives up your pulse and blood pressure, too. In the background of all that rage is anxiety, as well, as your relationships, both personal and professional, start to break down.

What is anger management?

Humans have very little control over anger because it’s a healthy and, sometimes, useful emotion. You just can’t help but get mad at times, but you can learn to channel that anger more appropriately and even use it in a positive way.

The goals for anger management are to:

  • Learn to judge your anger level
  • Control your reaction to anger

Judging your anger is the first step. Some individuals just fly off the handle with very little provocation. Anger management teaches you to access your emotion. Are you really mad or just frustrated? Does the intensity level of your anger make sense for the situation?

Patients also need to find ways to keep that anger from tipping over and becoming rage. Anger management isn’t about burying the emotion, though, just learning to channel it in a more constructive manner.

Is anger management the same thing as conflict resolution?

They are not the same, but there is a connection between these 2 issues because unresolved conflict can lead to buried anger that festers. Dr. Brady is trained and certified in conflict resolution by The Florida Supreme Court. He has a high success rate managing these cases, too.

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