When To See a Psychologist

The importance of taking care of our mental health cannot be overstated. This is why it is incredibly important to seek out the help of a psychologist whenever you are experiencing a rough period in your life. Unfortunately, many people do not know when to identify the signs that they should seek help from a psychologist even when they think they are doing fine. Fortunately, Village Mind and Body Institute in Lady Lake, FL, led by Dr. Dennis Brady has some information pertaining to when you should see a psychologist and the importance of taking care of your mental health.

If You Are Transitioning in Life

Oftentimes, a large shift in life can leave us feeling defeated, exhausted, and much more. This can lead to us retreating within ourselves and wanting to avoid social contact with others to deal with the problem. Shifts can often happen during:

  • Working at a new job
  • Divorce
  • Getting diagnosed with a chronic condition

This transition in your life can make it difficult for you to adapt. Seeking help from a psychologist is key to ensuring you transition well without struggling on your own.

Low Self Esteem

Having low self-esteem can make it incredibly difficult. Not believing in yourself and feeling a constant wave of sadness can lead to isolationist tendencies. This can in turn lead you to believe you are worthless when, in reality, you are not. Low-self-esteem can be triggered by a multitude of factors, but some of them include:

  • Getting fired from your job
  • Getting a divorce
  • Not having a personal foundation built

Wanting to Harm Yourself

While many people may feel depressed from time to time, some people feel this condition chronically and it can affect their judgment. They may have thoughts of suicide or harming themselves. This is never the answer and it is key that you seek help from a psychologist immediately if you begin to have thoughts pertaining to this.

You Suddenly Lose Interest in Activities and Hobbies

If you notice yourself not wanting to pursue the things you once loved, there could be something going on in your life. Many people love enjoying the many amenities that Lady Lake, FL has to offer and sometimes, you may find yourself not even wanting to lose your home. This could be indicative of a condition that is affecting you internally that you are not aware of and seeking psychological help is key to overcoming whatever is ailing you.

Seeking Help with Dr. Brady

Village Mind and Body Institute in Lady Lake, FL, led by Dr. Brady is here to help you. If you have been suffering from these conditions listed above or anything related, it's time to let a professional help you. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Brady by calling (352) 405-6733 today.

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