Is Couples Counseling Right For Us?

Couples Counseling Right For Us?

Couples counseling may not be the solution to every couple's problems, but that is perhaps not the best way to think of it. Couples counseling is a form of psychotherapy that can help bridge many issues regarding communication or a specific conflict, but more importantly, it gives you the tools to confront just about any problem your relationship may encounter. To learn more about couples counseling in Lady Lake, FL, you can contact Dr. Dennis Brady of Village Mind and Body Institute.


If you and your partner have trouble communicating you may find couples counseling beneficial as it is one of the main points addressed during therapy. Couples often create walls to protect themselves emotionally, but the more they drift the harder it is to rebuild those lines of communication. With the help of a trained professional, you can learn to do just that.


For some, the lines of conflict may be readily defined, so it may be easier to determine the objective of the therapy, even if it takes some work to overcome it.

Bad behavior in a relationship can take many forms, it's often little things that act as catalysts for the bigger problem points. With help, you and your partner can find ways to modify these behaviors that can negatively impact your relationship and can ultimately explore areas where both can compromise in dealing with the bigger problems.


There is no one way to perform couples counseling as they depend on a number of factors. Whether you have kids or not, whether you are a new couple or long-time married, or whether your partner wishes to attend couples counseling or not.

Parenting help may be provided for those who have children together, for example, and individual care can be a good way to convince your partner to come along in future visits.

Couples Counseling in Lady Lake, FL

If you live in or around the Lady Lake, FL, area and are interested in couples counseling you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Brady of Village Mind and Body Institute by dialing (352) 405-6733.

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