Demystifying Psychological Testing: What to Expect and How It Can Help

Unfortunately, for a long time, mental health was treated as a somewhat taboo topic. The good news is that folks today can discuss it more openly than in the past, and seeking treatment is more commonly accepted and lauded. This is true for both children and adults. If you’re looking for someone who can perform psychological testing in Lady Lake, FL, come see Dr. Dennis Brady at the Village Mind and Body Institute.

Understanding the Basics of a Psychological Assessment

 First, you’ll hear psychological testing referred to by a variety of different names. You might hear diagnostic assessments, psychoeducational evaluations, learning assessments, and various other terms. There may be some differences in how any given diagnostic assessment is conducted based on your concerns and what the psychological professional is looking to evaluate. Ultimately, however, the underlying goal of developing a better understanding of someone’s mental state and faculties remains pretty consistent.

Psychological testing can be performed on both adults and children. That said, it can be a particularly useful tool for parents. Understanding a child’s mind is difficult and kids can struggle to put their feelings into words. Testing can help parents better understand their children. Kids, meanwhile, can start to cultivate a better understanding of their own minds.

How Psychological Evaluations Are Performed

 Keep in mind that different processes may unfold given the specific situation. That said, mental diagnostic evaluations at our Lady Lake, FL, location typically follow the below phases, although they may be modified and tweaked for various reasons.

Phase 1: Initial Interview

 During this phase, Dr. Brady and the patient (and also potentially family members and caretakers of the subject) will discuss the patient’s current condition and what challenges they might be facing. Lots of questions will be asked back and forth. Academic performance, social relationships, family history, medications taken, general health challenges, and many other things may be discussed.

Phase 2: Testing for Mental Health Conditions

 It’s important for a mental health expert to see how an individual performs. Psychologists and other experts have developed a wide array of diagnostic tests that can be performed in an office or similar setting. The specific tests used often depend on what was uncovered in the interview stage and other factors. Feel free to ask questions, although in some cases the answers might seem vague because the practitioner doesn’t want anything to influence the test.

Phase 3: Feedback, Assessment, and Support

 From here on out, the practitioner evaluates info gained from the interview and testing to diagnose potential conditions and to formulate support and care plans.

Are you looking for psychological testing in Lady Lake, FL? Call (352) 405 6733 to reach Dr. Dennis Brady at the Village Mind and Body Institute.

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